Sunday, June 06, 2010

The times, they are a-changin'!

Animazement was a total blast this year as usual.  A PILE OF FRIENDS, IT WAS.  It was great to meet up with all the people that I've basically grown up with artistically over the past...8 years?  9 years?  Jeezus.  I'm practically a grandma in the convention-world these days.

This is one of those times when I wish I didn't have just a cell phone camera!  OH GOD.  When I saw Dug and Russell on the other side of the hall, I pretty much screamed "WATCH MY TABLE PLZ THX!!" to my table neighbors and darted across.  I believe I was the only one over 7 years old who wanted their picture taken with them but WHO CARES BECAUSE I DO NOT LOOK THAT PICTURE IS EFFING ADORABLE.

I love DOGS and these are the first cosplayers of the twins where it doesn't look like they went to the Rag-O-Rama and cut apart a parka.  ADORBS.

Grab Captain K'nuckles and Bubby, OH MY GOD IT'S AN ADORABLE FLAPJACK.  I felt bad because I think I made her pose about 30 times as I was having TEKNOLOGEE MALFUNKSHUNZ.  *headdesk* *headdesk* 

Ah, I have about 4,000 more pictures but this blog might be long and arduous and those were most definitely the best ones.  This con was pretty kick ass, and we had more than few good meals, and like I've mentioned a thousand times it was like, THE FRIEND REUNION, and really, that's the main reason why I do these cons anymore is because I get to see the people that I don't see anywhere else.  Although I've talked to a few others about how maybe I'm going to cool it from anime cons and start heading to different shows (starting with NYCC in the fall, oh crap!!!).  After I see how my the show I'm part of does in July, I've got to really examine the rest of my year.  It's already June, what the hell!?

Also, I'm not keeping this secret or anything, but a couple of you have asked--I don't work full-time anymore, so I'm all-or-nothing freelance these days.  My company and I ended more than amicably, so it wasn't a throwing-tables affair or anything like that.  But, changes changes, folks!  My life is going to be interesting for the next few months, and HERE I AM FUTURE, I AM READY FOR YOU.  *puffs up chest and raises gumption*

I'm working on a post for a few of you via my tumblr about what my studio looks like.  Being that I just cleaned that sucker up recently for MAXIMUM WORK POTENTIAL, I figured I'd take a few pictures tomorrow along with some roaringly obnoxious commentary, as usual.  I don't know how people put up with me, I swear.

For now, here is an adorable picture of my dog next to my flippy floppies on the blanket I put down for her in my studio space.

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