Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A studio post

I got some questions on my tumblr and other internet nooks that I frequent about my studio space, and I thought I'd share some photos and talk a little bit about my "studio."  Studio meaning, that room in my house where I make arts happen.  If you were anticipating something Disney-esque, GRAVELY MISTAKEN does not even begin to describe.

Well, let's start with my drawing desk, which was donated graciously to me by Gary after the flood.  This is where I start to lose my mind / thoughts of artistic suicide begin.  The Daystar was bright as hell this morning, and burning my recluse-skin pretty hard.  For now, I've blurred out my pieces for the show, but I promise within the next week I'll give y'all an update about that.

Next to my desk are thousands of dollars of wasted money art supplies.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Because of the recent getting-laid-off thing, I actually rearranged everything and scrubbed the floors (BY HAND, LIKE, CINDERELLA-STYLE, Y'ALL) and I promise you that in a week I won't remember how I organized, like, 90% of this stuff.  And it probably won't matter because it'll all be a mess by then, anyway.

Across the way (read: 3 steps to the right) is my computer desk.  I learned the beauty of dual-screen action at work, and looking at one screen is almost foreign now.  I keep 2 bottles of 100 pills of Advil on my desk because MY HEAD ALWAYS HURTS FROM LOOKING AT THESE TWO SCREENS.  Also, I'd like to point out that my mother sent me the same Christmas card two years in a row and that kind of sums up the kind of awesome lady she is.

And behind my desk I keep some old sketches / paintings of mine that I like (usually color palettes or line quality or something to remind me that SOMETIMES I DO GOOD THINGS) and artwork from friends / inspirations that remind me to get off my ass and work.  There is also that giant paperweight printer.  Gotta get that working again.  It basically crapped out right before I was about to head out to Animazement.  WONDERFUL TIMING, AS ALWAYS, LIFE.

And there you have it.  Not much to it, like I said, but this is basically where I'm going to hideout for the next month and a half.  I've gotten some really sweet e-mails and replies from many of you, and I appreciate them all.  BUT NEVER FEAR.  I've no time to slow down--it's all full-speed ahead from here!

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