Sunday, May 31, 2009

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Smith and Will Lindberg on an entry for the AKQA Future Lions competition.  Please visit for more ideas, and let us know what you think!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In Tania's class, I was instructed to make some lists, of which I've made two that I'll share with you.

Theme parties I would like to throw in my lifetime:
 - an inflatable animal party (please bring at least 1 inflatable animal upon entry)
- an outer space party (tin-foil must be on your costume, and black lights are necessary)
- a panda party (bring a panda, avoid wildlife preservationists)
- a thai tie party (prepare to eat thai food and wear a tie)
- an extreme stereotyped Asian party (kabuki make-up, sushi cake, chinese opera music)
- a Depeche Mode party (I mean, come on)
- a serial killer party (dress as your favorite beloved murdering abomination)
- a white trash barbeque party (kegs, frosted lip gloss, and jean cut-offs, ahoy!)

 What I would like to accomplish before I die:
- host all the previously listed theme parties
- take an incredibly touristy and outrageous picture in front of the Shibuya 109 building
- own a pot-bellied pig and/or a billy goat, and name it Walter
- become fluent in Japanese enough that I can throw insults back to these crazy bastards we bring over from Japan
- learn how to pee standing up, for shits and giggles
- acquire multiple tattoos of octopi
- get over my fear of bugs
- buy my mother a house with all the bells and whistles she’s ever wanted
- make out with Bjork (highly unlikely, but, hey, a girl can dream)
- knit a scarf without 23 holes in it
- consistently maintain a friendship for more than ten years
- learn how to fall in love again
- get married, legally
- pop a perfect bowl of popcorn, no kernels
- eat a dozen hot wings without wanting to plunge my head into a gallon of milk

Dragons still rule.

"With only one marshmallow left, the dragon pursed his lips, and barely whispered as the flames emitted from his swelled underbite.  Unfortunately, he was far too clumsy and awkward to do much of anything with grace or elegance, and in his efforts, he coughed and sent fire shooting from his astonished gums and setting the lone marshmallow ablaze.  He stared sadly at the charred tragedy, graham crackers in one hand, chocolate bar in the other.  It was truly the saddest day of his life."

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Coffee + Blog = What?

So, I have a blog now.

For the launch of the upcoming beautiful website that I will create...soon...I wanted a place to host a special blog / sketchbook section.  I carry one everywhere with me, and I'll just be scanning some stuff in, some thoughts.  

Some will be about the industry and how it's gonna suck once I get out of here and figure out where the hell me and the pooch are going to live.  Some will be about what's going on in my life, and how it's affecting my art (which is almost always).

For most that know me, they know I'm a pretty sensitive human being, but I'm not very emotional, so don't expect bouts of teary emotional word vomit on here.  Mostly just art, a bit of rage, and bit of ramble.

Current projects include:
- Usual Portfolio Center courseload that includes Plain Air Painting, Emotive Writing, Flash, etc.
- Future Lions (Jesus, this is the motherload)
- Mexican Luchadore Kool-Aid Pickles (I'll explain later)
- Making aforementioned website
- Some upcoming convention appearances (AZ in Raleigh, NC, Ota in Baltimore, MD)

In personal news, it's 2:30am, I've had an allergic reaction to ant bites, and I just popped 3 benedryl.  Let's see what happens.