Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I draw Deb

Back from Otakon, which was a total blast and 100% better than I ever expected it to be.  Crab was eaten, fun times were had, and money was made.

So, that means that I'm back in Atlanta and resuming normal life.  I'm a little behind because of my trip but no matter--it looks like I'm still in step.  

Character development is going well, and here's a drawing of my friend Deb.  She was very cold in the room today, so I drew her wearing a sweater and a scarf, to see if that would help.  She said that it did.  Mission complete.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Snow Whites and Rose Reds

Another children's book for Jackson Fish Market is underway.  This is the weirdest version of Snow White and Rose Red that I have ever read, but here's the characters for now that I'm sending to them for review and edits.  Soon, it'll be storyboard and tight roughs time, and it'll be 5th quarter all over again.  Joy.

In other brilliant news, Tania made me a Michael Jackson bracelet, of which upon receipt, I almost came.  

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recommendation: Jade Liebes

Really beautiful, textured work, of many different styles.  Extremely nice sense of color and composition--I love this!  Paintings are also brilliant.  Aghhh.  Check this artist out here.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Space Robots in Love

Back at school, and only a few days until Otakon.  I'm crapping my pants because, once again, I don't have everything done that I'd like.  I've still got a lot of prints hanging around from the beginning of the con season, but I'd like to get 2 or 3 new pieces in before the the big weekend.  These are two experimental pieces that I'm doing, woodburning the lines and using oil for the colors.  Obviously, these are in-process, but I'm hoping to complete both by the end of the weekend.  Girl-Robot is done, but Boy-Robot I've just started painting.  Something a little different.  Don't know how well they will sell, but at this point, I'm glad to be experimenting.

The next few days will be dedicated to getting my ass in gear for Otakon.  I leave for Baltimore on Wednesday.  I'm excited to possibly make some money so that I can, you know, have food in the house that's not of the cereal variety, but I'm mostly excited to see my friends that I only see a few times a year.  And I'll eat some crab.  Yes, yes.