Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Monsters Aftermath

Here's a ridiculously unattractive photo of one of my paintings and me, at the Monsters show last night!  Just call me the sweat monster, guhrossss.

I'm still processing what exactly happened last night.  I know it involved a room packed with 500+ people sweating and looking at my and my friends' hard work, and yelling talking excitedly over Lady Gaga booming against the walls, and seeing old friends (SO MANY FRIENDS) and meeting tons of new people, and lots of free booze, and selling a painting (!!!) and and and

*falls down*

Thank you.  Thank you all so, so much.  Friends, teachers, old co-workers, new friends--it was so overwhelming and like a dream.  I have never felt more loved than I did last night.  Thank you, everyone.  The amount of support that has been shown for me has seriously blown my mind.
I'm going to sleep for the next 12 hours.  More about the show next post!  And new prints will be available on the site!  STAY TUNED, INTERNET-FRIENDS.

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