Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Let me hear your podcast recs!

I'm the kind of person who doesn't like pure silence.  From the minute I wake up until I go to bed, I need to be listening to...something.  Depending on what I'm doing.  Even when I go to sleep, I like to leave a fan on to create that kind of "white noise" that lulls me to slumber at 7 or 8am (I swear I'm not a vampire, even though all signs point to....)

Lately, when I've been working on my show pieces and on illustrations in general, I've been listening to audiobooks.  I rarely have time to sit down and read anything, so at least I'd be "reading" in a different way.  However, audiobooks cost money, something that is rarer than the Rosetta Stone these days for just about everybody, so I'm listening to about 10 - 12 hours of podcasts every day. 

Obviously, at this rate, I run out of shit to listen to quickly (even though some episodes of certain podcasts I will listen to over and over again).  So, I am asking you, internet-friends!  Do you listen to any awesome, amazing, inpsiring, funny, or interesting podcasts?  Can you recommend me any podcasts to listen to?  Please let me know in the comments or contact me in some other way--I'd love to hear from you, and what interests you!

My favorite podcast ever is The Moth.
Oh god, the Moth.  If you don't listen to the Moth, I strongly encourage you to do so.  I love any kind of storytelling and I love listening to stories and hearing audience reaction to the stories.  Once, when I was at my old office, I was by myself upstairs with my coffee and just waking up for that day and listened to THE SADDEST STORY OF ALL TIME, and I started crying and wibbling in front of co-workers.  DAMN YOU, MOTH.  STOP BEING SO TOUCHING. 

But seriously, most of the stories are hilarious, with a serious one thrown in there every now and again, but it's such a treat every week, I promise!

Other podcasts I listen to:
2) Sidebar Nation: 3 great guys from Atlanta talk comics and illustration, with a strong focus on the artistic community.  Their interview with Peter de Seve is one of my favorite interviews of all time!  They seem like 3 super fun and awesome guys; they really do their homework on the people that they interview.
3) This American Life: I KNOW EVERYBODY OF ALL TIME LISTENS TO THIS but I love this program, and I can never catch it on the radio when it actually airs.  The stories are always amazing and informative.  I basically learned about health insurance, the economic crisis, and the election from TAL.
4) Risk!: I was just informed about this podcast about an hour ago by a good friend, and it did not disappoint at all.  It's sort of like the Moth, only way more explicit, ahaha.
5) Downloadable Content: The Penny Arcade podcast.  Sadly, I don't think they update anymore, but their back episodes are all hilarious, and it's a great look at the writing process for their awesome webcomic, Penny Arcade.

Allright, back to work!  (And listening to new podcasts, come on, guys!)

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