Monday, April 26, 2010

When I did everything and nothing in one weekend

I had made grandiose plans for a weekend of productivity, mainly:

a) finding materials for my show in July
b) cleaning my apartment because it's gross
c) grocery shopping
d) finishing some more Glee characters.
e) writing some

And what ended up happening was
f) none of the above

However!  The weekend ended up being action-packed and subsequently exhausting with headshots and photoshoots and meetings with San Smith and art shows with Gary in Madison and crashing Karen Strelecki's house to peruse her work and work-functions at the Atlanta Zoo and drawing every animal ever and oh lawdy a heated wind blew up mah skirt and I am tuckered out!  I feel like a zombie at work today.

Not much going on today, so I finally got around to working on my friend Ryan's tattoo.  He wanted me to magic up something in the spirit of these two images below:

And I came up with something a-like-a-this:

Just waiting to hear back.  I expect lots of revisions since, you know.  This is going to be on his body.  Forever.  He has every right to tweak and tweak and tweak until satisfied, in my opinion!

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