Thursday, April 08, 2010


I technically graduated in December, but the ceremony isn't until this upcoming April 16th. I'll walk um...a few steps forward, get my pretty piece of paper, and leave Portfolio Center again until I return in July as an instructor. My, how things have changed!

A group of us are having a group show at the Kai Lin Art Gallery in Midtown Atlanta in June. The theme is monsters, however, Yu-kai, the owner of the gallery, doesn't like anything scary or disturbing which basically cancels out 95% of my ideas, but I'm sketching some concepts this week and proceeding to bust ass once I've got things laid out the way I'd like. I've been experimenting with oil and woodburning, and picking up spare pieces of wood from the dumpster to practice on.

AnimeBoston was this past weekend, which was a total blast. It felt good to not stare at a computer screen for three whole days, and to use my paints and markers and pens again!

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