Saturday, April 17, 2010

It was worth it, in a way.

I've officially done with my graduate studies.
Gary has gotten me some fancy flower bouquet, and I have a pretty piece of paper with my name on it (by the lovely Anne Elser) that says Student!Katie is no more, for real.  Anyone that came to party it up at the W hotel afterward (Seriously, I saw some dude that looked just like Lil' Wayne and I was like "WTF aren't you in prison but I love that Drop the Bomb song OMG"), I'm so so so glad you came out to spare some moments hanging out and celebrating with us.

My mother was in attendance, and left this afternoon.  An all-too-short visit, if you ask me. :(   This weekend is the Sweetwater 420 Fest which basically has me trapped in my house (parking situation = enraging), but it all seems okay when I have Glee, Final Fantasy XIII, and knitting.  NERD WEEKEND AHOY.

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