Monday, May 10, 2010

Drawing Marathon Day!

Holy crap, I did so much drawing today!  Some were gifts, some were the $10 commissions I called out for over the weekend, and I'm still chugging away!  I thought I'd update with my progress thus far!
Oh man!  And tonight, I'm hoping to get a couple more done.  THAT IS, AFTER I SEE IRONMAN 2, YES, YES.  I'm going with my old roommate and fellow fan-dork, Jenn, tonight, and there will be some knee-grabbing on my part, I assure you!

Also!  San recently posted a blog with a Princess Bubblegum (of Adventure Time fame) crown tutorial, and today at work, I made myself and some co-workers crowns.  It was fun!  YOU CAN TELL BECAUSE WE ARE SMILING LIKE NERDFACES.  HOORAY CARTOONS!

My huge Asian face, guh.
More updates later, after I go get my mind blown by Robert Downey Jr.


  1. I love everything!! Aww! That dragon is so cute!

    Holy crap! Princess Bubblegums' take over the world! YESSS!