Sunday, May 09, 2010

Announcement! Commissions! Thank yous!

I did this fish for someone at work who likes goldfish.  It doesn't really have to do TOO much with this post, but it adds to the list of doodles that happen because of some severe procrastination.

Because of my sleeping problems (right now, I'm blogging at 5AM, urrghhh), I've been exhausted all the time and in kind of a crummy sort of mood.  I'm hoping that this changes, starting this week!  To help me get out of this rut, I'm doing one of my favorite thing to do, which is to draw things for other people!  I haven't opened for commissions in awhile, so maybe now is a good time to do so.

SO!  If there's anything you'd like to get drawn by me, I'm opening five slots for $10 commissions.  Because of the cheap cheap price, these will all be digital commissions, like the fish over here, no background, full-color, one character / object of interest (or two, if a little simpler).  Please e-mail me ( ), and I'll put you on the list!

Slots taken:
1. GL (Owls)
2. MM (Glee characters)
3. EO (her puppy)
4. ND (dwaggin)
5. JS (turtle)

**Edit: Holy crap, that filled up fast!  Hopefully, I'll get through these quick and then I'll open up more slots!  Thanks, everybody!**

To see samples of my work, you can always go to my mainpage or my new facebook fan page!
Speaking of, wowowowowowwow, guys!  I think I reached almost 120 fans in the first day!  Thank you so much for all your support.  The times ahead are sure to be a challenge--my heart gets all mushy-gushy when I think about how I could never get up and keep trying without your encouragement. 


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