Monday, May 17, 2010

Ah mah gah, burstdaaayyyyy!!!

Today is a good day, everybody!  Take the day off, take a long lunch, have an extra bloody mary, TODAY IS MAH DAY OF BIRTH.

Just kidding, I'm rly not that important, but if you need an excuse, HERE I AM TO DELIVER.

Saturday was my birthday partaaaay which, thankfully, this year was more contained and not as out of control as last year.  I shall talk today a bit about the perils of Facebook, as in, how it allows people to lie to you.

Last year's celebration, I made an event on Facebook (already a pain) and 10 confirmed guests said that they would attend.  As I am always surprised that I have friends, THIS WAS MOST EXCELLENT NEWS.  I informed the fine people at the Brewhouse in L5P that I would have a dozen people in attendance and we got a table ala the Last Supper for everybody to sit down and nom chicken wings and drink some beers.


Albeit, this is flattering (I think I drunkenly blabbed "WHO WAS THAT!?!?" a few times, not even gonna lie), it got out of control pretty quickly--the waitstaff was crazy, there were mixed up orders, I think my old roommate Jenn had to pay a $210 tab that WAS NOT HERS, I was very overwhelmed.  And when I'm overwhelmed I get, as they say, TOTES INAPPROPS.

So, this year, there was less AGHH!!! and more YAY!!! and as the night wore on (and I may or may not have had a 20 minutes party time with a different party sorrrryyyy strangers) I have made a chart of how my time was spent in-between being irresponsible because HELLO IT IS MY BIRTHDAY I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT THAT IS THE POINT OF BIRTHDAYS.

And so ends my 1 out of 3 days a year I get to go out and be an excusable hot mess. 

So, today is my actual birthday, and I'm about to go eat some birthday lunch with my fine co-worker pals.  I'm preparing some new things for Animazement at the end of the month, as well as a couple of SUPER SEKRIT PROJEKTS.  Hooray, I am twenty--*coughCOUGHcough* years old!