Monday, June 08, 2009

Critique is in  a mere couple weeks, and I'm so highly unmotivated and I'm finding it hard to do much of anything for more than ten or twenty minutes at a time.

Today, for instance, I was shuffling back and forth between a gouache painting, character development, photoshop dabblings, Flash mastering, and preparing final pieces for presentation at crit.  My arms and legs are wiggly spaghetti.  Even now I'm attempting to get my writings together for final to send tomorrow to Claire while blogging (obviously) and watching this Leonard Cohen documentary that Dante lent me that I'm starting to believe is actually...Bono's take on Leonard Cohen.  Which is unfortunate, because when I see Bono I want to punch him in his sunglassed-for-no-reason face and when I see Leonard Cohen I want to hug him and somehow absorb all his talent.

Anyway, here's a sketch I did of Lynette, another student at PC, who is graduating next quarter.  I graduate in a mere two more quarters, and just the thought of that makes my sphincter tighten, so I'm gonna skip over that conversation for now.  

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