Saturday, May 16, 2009


In Tania's class, I was instructed to make some lists, of which I've made two that I'll share with you.

Theme parties I would like to throw in my lifetime:
 - an inflatable animal party (please bring at least 1 inflatable animal upon entry)
- an outer space party (tin-foil must be on your costume, and black lights are necessary)
- a panda party (bring a panda, avoid wildlife preservationists)
- a thai tie party (prepare to eat thai food and wear a tie)
- an extreme stereotyped Asian party (kabuki make-up, sushi cake, chinese opera music)
- a Depeche Mode party (I mean, come on)
- a serial killer party (dress as your favorite beloved murdering abomination)
- a white trash barbeque party (kegs, frosted lip gloss, and jean cut-offs, ahoy!)

 What I would like to accomplish before I die:
- host all the previously listed theme parties
- take an incredibly touristy and outrageous picture in front of the Shibuya 109 building
- own a pot-bellied pig and/or a billy goat, and name it Walter
- become fluent in Japanese enough that I can throw insults back to these crazy bastards we bring over from Japan
- learn how to pee standing up, for shits and giggles
- acquire multiple tattoos of octopi
- get over my fear of bugs
- buy my mother a house with all the bells and whistles she’s ever wanted
- make out with Bjork (highly unlikely, but, hey, a girl can dream)
- knit a scarf without 23 holes in it
- consistently maintain a friendship for more than ten years
- learn how to fall in love again
- get married, legally
- pop a perfect bowl of popcorn, no kernels
- eat a dozen hot wings without wanting to plunge my head into a gallon of milk

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